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Kiana Capelli: High School Schedule Changes

Kiana Capelli: High School Schedule Changes

If you go to Hayward High and have ever requested a meeting with your counselor, I’m sure you have seen the infamous sign hanging on their door stating “No schedule changes until January”.

Now in my junior year of highschool, I have met with my counselor several times. I have waited in the mile long line behind disgruntled parents, impatient students and of course that haunting piece of laminated paper.

Even being told more than once, students still meet with their counselors in hope that their argument will be an exception to the rule. Much to my despair, it never is.

I think  students should be allowed to change their schedules with a probable cause. No you can  not request a change if you don’t like a teacher or have personal beef with someone else in the class, and of course excessive schedule revisions would be unacceptable, counselors have busy enough schedules as it is,  but I believe  there are some instances where a change is necessary.

In college you choose your classes and have free range to tweak it to accommodate your needs. I think the same rules should apply for high school.

By limiting schedule changes to students, counselors are in a sense hindering student success. If a student feels they have a higher chance of succeeding in a different class whether it be because the teaching style, the pace of the class or the environment, I think they should have the right to do so.

Say for example your are a straight A student and entering your third year of high school, you decide to be ambitious and take as many rigorous courses you can to challenge yourself, but it backfires. You completely underestimated how challenging the advanced courses would be and you’re left tired, discouraged, wholeheartedly saddened and with not so impressive grades.

This situation happens all the time. A student takes a class, it ends up being too hard but they are  not allowed to switch out and they are left with a GPA lower than someone who does not  even show up to school.

I understand failing  a class is not an excuse, but say this student does not need these courses to graduate and they are overworking themselves for no reason. I think counselors should then recognize the students desire to achieve college standard grades and take them out.

In  PhD programs in college, you will be kicked out if you can not maintain a B or higher your first year. There is  no point of staying in a class you are failing in. This wastes both you and your teachers, needless to say, valuable time.

A counselor’s job is to help the students succeed. High school students are all young adults and should not expect their counselor to spoon feed them their way through high school, but if their goal is to prepare us for college, I think we should have more authority over our schedules like a self sufficient college student.

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  1. Counselors aren’t trying to train their students to quit when the going gets tough. If you are changed to another class after school has started, you are responsible for all of the work that the new class has done to that point in addition to what the class is currently doing. That is why changes can be made at the beginning of the semester rather than part way through. This should help your grades rather than harm them

    Most students are smart enough to learn the material on their own. It’s the different perspective or style that the teacher offers that is of value. Those teachers that you have the hardest time understanding are the ones you can learn the most from because their viewpoints and styles are different from yours, giving you another way to look at the material.

    Our goal is to prepare you to succeed, even when the going gets tough. Statistics have shown that those students who take AP classes are more apt to complete college than those students who didn’t take AP classes, regardless of the grades they earned in those classes.

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